In Person Signing: RJ Erskine with Prometheus Scorned

An unrelenting sun beats down, bringing drought and hardship to the farmers in the valley. As if lost crops weren’t enough, a series of suspicious barn fires pushes the community to its limits. In this novel, the sequel to Casting Demons Into Swine, Malcolm Cromarty, DVM, once again gets caught up in a complex web of suspense, strung across a deceptively tranquil valley, known for its singular culture and terrain. As the dry spell and fires continue, the unfolding tragedy seeps deeper into Malcolm’s life, forcing him to confront some of the darker elements of human nature. Agriculture is the struggle to provide food for societies, despite the relentless entropy of natural forces. These tension never ceases, and often evolves, challenging farmers on a daily basis. Superimposed on this way of life, is the rural landscape itself—insular, reluctant to change, and solidly rooted in tradition. How rural communities cope with stressors, in the form of aberrant pathogens, undesirable weather, and sociopathy on the part of some of their neighbors, is the canvas on which the story of Prometheus Scorned, and other novels in this series, is painted. Although fictional, the books in this series are based on true events experienced by the author, as a practicing veterinarian in rural communities.

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Saturday, September 18, 2021 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm
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