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Horizon Books publishes non-fiction books mainly on the region's history. If you would like to purchase one of the books listed below, please click on the BUY THIS BOOK button, call us at (231)946-7290, or just come in to one of our three locations! 

by Al Barnes:  

100 Years from the Old Mission:  A Century in Grand Traverse County.  The Traverse region gave birth to at least two classic tales.  One was the Indian legend of the sleeping mother bear and her two lost cubs.  The other was the true story of the region’s first settlement in 1839 by Indian Missionary Peter Doughterty and his wife Martha.  That tale is told beautifully by Al Barnes in this, his first book.

But “100 Years” is only a part of the book.  Barnes goes on to tell the early history of Traverse City – about Perry Hannah, the “Father of Traverse City” who bought the land on which the city now stands.  Barnes spins his yarns with lucid simplicity, appealing equally to both children and adults.

ISBN#9780915937097                                                                 $4.98 (was $9.95)


Let’s Fly Backward.  This is Al Barnes’s last book.  In it he takes us on a “barnstorming” trip back in time to the hamlets, villages, and towns of Grand Traverse Bay country, where shades of the pioneers walk the dirt and sawdust streets and the well-worn trails that the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians used long before the white man came.  This is vintage Barnes, full of colorful stories and interesting people who helped to make the history of the region.  Let’s Fly Backward is Al’s farewell to his beloved rolling green hills and sparkling blue waters of northwest Michigan.  Al tops it off with a final Rabelasian chapter on Traverse City’s “ladies of the night”, who flourished here from the earliest times to World War II.

ISBN#9780915937073                                                                 $7.98


Supper in the Evening.  This book paints a colorful and detailed picture of pioneer living in Michigan, which can be enjoyed by readers in every part of the country.  The diary and letters of a Michigan volunteer in the Union Army, presenting a vivid day-to-day account of the life of an enlisted man in the Civil War; the reminiscences of Perry Hannah, one of the first settlers and the founder of Traverse City – these represent some of the rich material collected by Al Barnes in his book.  Scenes from life in an early logging camp alternate with exciting views of Traverse city’s theatrical and cultural life.  Al Barnes’s collection of nineteenth century jokes adds yet another dimension.

ISBN#0915937018                                                                       $5.98 (was $12.95)


Vinegar Pie and Other Tales of the Grand Traverse Region.  Al Barnes was fortunate in being able to interview personally so many of the Grand Traverse area’s old-timers who helped to make its history.  He was a pioneer in this field.  It was he who first discovered the area’s rich historical heritage of colorful people and memorable events.

ISBN#091593700X                                                                       $14.95 (was $24.95)


by Ken Parker:  

Civilian at War.  This book is one infantryman’s account of front-line battle for more than 100 days from St. Lo to the Siegfried Line through France, Belgium, Holland, and into Germany with the 30th Infantry Division during World War II.  This 2nd edition includes three new sections:  The Battalion Read War, The War Revisited, and Post-War Talk.

ISBN#9780915937141                                                                 $16.95


by Larry Wakefield:  

All Our Yesterdays: A Narrative History of Traverse City & the Region.  This is Larry Wakefield’s first book, first printed in 1977 and reprinted by popular request.  It set the style and standards for all his subsequent works – 18 books on Michigan history.  This book includes some of the most fascinating stories on the history of the Grand Traverse Region, along with nearly 100 historic photographs.  Read about:  When the ice came; The Indians and the Hohnkes; The town they called “Hell”; Traverse City’s haunted houses. 

ISBN#9780915937134                                                                 $9.98 (was $17.95)


Ernest Hemingway Fished Here and Other True North Country Tales.  The stories in this book have a remarkable range of subject and mood.  There are war stories, mystery stories and love stories - stories about buried treasure, shipwrecks, lumberjacks, hunting and fishing, and major and minor celebrities such as Ernest Hemingway, Al Capone, writer Jim Hendryx and cinema cowboy Williams S. Hart.

ISBN#9780915937035      BUY THIS BOOK! (hardcover)        $24.95

ISBN#9780915937042      BUY THIS BOOK! (paperback)       $8.98 (was $16.95)

Historic Traverse City Houses.  Many of the grand houses built in Traverse City between 1890-1905 are captured in this book through photographs and brief descriptions.  Most of them are in the so-called Boardman and Central neighborhoods, which were the "fashionable" places to live in Traverse City around the turn of the century.

ISBN#9780915937028                                                                 $24.95 (was $49.95)


The Mystery of the Missing Nun.  This book is a collection of seventeen fascinating stories of famous Michigan murders.  Each one has become a kind of classic in that part of the state where it occurred.  Each is unique.

Wakefield says:  "I am fascinated by murder.  At a young and impressionable age I read Edmund Pearson's classic Studies in Murder, with its famous Lizzie Borden case, and I've been hooked on murder ever since."

ISBN#9780915937103                                                                 $8.98 (was $16.95)


Traverse City Postcard History.  From the 1860's to the 1960's, this collection of postcards reveals the development and changes in Traverse City.  It's a great visual portrayal of Traverse City history.  

ISBN#9780961890339                                                                 $7.98 (was $14.95)


by Richard Fidler:  

Gateways to Grand Traverse Past.  In some places history lurks just under the surface.  An old factory whispers a story about it workers a hundred years ago.  An ancient oak with its trunk curiously bent suggests times before white settlement.  A gas station from the nineteen twenties reminds us of the first automobiles.  A beacon atop a hotel signals to present-day boats upon the Bay as well as to early airplanes searching for a place to land.  An artesian well still flows, one hundred and forty years after it was first drilled.

GATEWAYS TO GRAND TRAVERSE PAST identifies these magical places and tells the stories connected with them.  Watch out!  After reading this book the very ground you walk becomes living history.  You will need to tread carefully as you pass from the present to the past and back again.

ISBN#9780915937158                                                                 $17.95          BUY THIS BOOK!

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