From the Place of Gathering Light, by Kathleen Stocking

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Kathleen Stocking grew up in the 1950s above Sleeping Bear Bay. Stocking left for the University of Michigan and Manhattan, returned and raised three children and in 1998, when her last child graduated from the Interlochen Center for the Arts, left again to work in the prisons and homeless shelters of California. She has taught and travelled in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Romania, Thailand, the Netherlands, England, and Turkey. She recently received a 2017 award from the Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council and a 2014 fellowship from the Blue Mountain Center for the Arts. In the 1990s she received major awards from the Michigan Council for the Arts, ArtServe Michigan, Association of Professional Women Writers, National Council for the Humanities, the Biederman Foundation, the William James Foundation; in the 2000s while serving in the Peace Corps in Thailand and Romania she received awards from USAID and the Royal Thai Government.  She grew up, the daughter of a lumber baron; her playmates, like brothers and sisters, were the children of the mill workers. She never forgot this and said, “My four sisters and I had bikes, books, a nice house. I knew at some gut level, even as a child, that not only did we have things that they didn’t, but we had things because they didn’t.”

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