They Call Me Machete, by Richard Alan Hall

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“…a fun and inventive ride that will keep fans of the thriller genre, or anybody who enjoys a lively story, turning pages. In this tale — Hall’s fifth in the series — the author takes us into the world of his darkest character, Machete. We learn of his childhood roots in a Mexican ghetto, witness the deadly forces that shaped his boyhood and the deadly forces he, too, harnessed to survive, turning him into a brutal and remorseless killer.

Machete’s story is anything but predictable, as Hall’s love of plot twist and startling storyline shine through, taking us from small town America to the world of international crime. Also shining through is Hall’s innate sense of the timeless struggle between good and evil both among our tribes and within each of us as individuals. We watch as Machete’s dark world closes in on him and wonder if he’ll be able to, or even want to,
find a way out.”

JEFF SMITH, Author  |   Editor, Traverse Magazine and

“Part prequel, part tale of justice and retribution, this fifth installment in the Big Bay Series is as sharp and savage as its namesake, Machete. The taut, no-nonsense dialogue rips like a California forest fire through the pages. Another stunning tour-de-force by Richard Alan Hall.”

JIM RINK, Editor, American Wine Society Journal

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